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Site Visit Information

  • Current or experienced program director, faculty member, clinical laboratory professional, physician or dean with knowledge of the clinical laboratory sciences.
  • Current or prior association with a NAACLS accredited program.
  • Currently licensed and/or credentialed and in good standing with the licensing/accrediting body, as appropriate.
  • Familiarity with NAACLS' Standards.
  • Familiarity with current practices in:
  1. Clinical laboratory procedures.
  2. Staffing, space, equipment, budgeting for clinical services and educational purposes. 
  3. Health professions education. 
  • Familiarity with the purposes of accreditation and the protocol for conducting a site visit and reporting the outcome.
  • Ability to conduct interviews and perform observational functions with discretion.
  • Capacity for making objective assessments based upon established criteria.
  • Ability to respect and maintain confidentiality of privileged information.
  • Experience as a site visit team member is necessary to qualify as team coordinator.
  • Satisfactory completion of NAACLS' Accreditation Process Workshop or Site Visitor Training Workshop is helpful but not mandatory to qualify as a team member.

Team Members & Team Coordinators

  1. Read the program's Self-Study Report in the context of its Self Study Review and the Standards. 
  2. Note questions to be asked and particular observations to be made during the site visit per the comments made in the Self-Study Report and Self Study Review. 
  3. Assist the team coordinator in scheduling the site visit. 
  4. Conduct the site visit according to NAACLS protocol and in a professional manner. 
  5. Assist in preparing the Site Visit Report.
  6. Submit a NAACLS Expense Form and Site Visit Evaluation Form (according to instructions). 
  7. Excluding emergencies, all volunteers are expected to stay for the duration of the scheduled site visit.

Team Coordinators Only

  1. Conduct all communications with the program director to arrange the site visit and with the team member(s) to finalize schedule. 
  2. Communicate with the program director to set up interview schedules for program and affiliate(s) personnel, students, etc. 
  3. Prepare a draft of the Site Visit Report, and Circulate the draft to team member(s) for review and signature. 
  4. Assure that all site visitors review and sign the Site Visit Report. 
  5. Submit final Site Visit Report to the NAACLS office within the prescribed allotted time (usually three weeks after the site visit date). 
  6. Submit the Paper Review Evaluation Form.  
  7. Excluding emergencies, all volunteers are expected to stay for the duration of the scheduled site visit.


The times provided below represent estimates for completion of the tasks listed.

Travel Varies 
Site visit:   Hospital based program 2 days
                   Academic based program 2 days 
Reading Self-Study Reports 4-5 hours 
Identifying questions, observations, etc. 2 hours 
Scheduling site visit 2 hours 
Drafting the Site Visit Report 1-3 hours 
Typing and proofreading the Site Visit Report 1-3 hours