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Self-Study Templates


NAACLS Programs undergoing the Accreditation processes are encouraged to complete their Self-Studies using a PDF template that can be filled in and saved locally. You can complete the self-study using the most up-to-date free version of Adobe Reader.  Remember that you must save the file to your computer or flash drive before completing, and you are encouraged to save copies frequently to prevent any loss of data.

*IMPORTANTIf you use Adobe Acrobat (paid software) at ANY time to create/edit your self-study, you must continue to use Adobe Acrobat to edit it, as the editing features that are extended to Adobe Reader will be discontinued upon saving your document.
We recommend using Windows based computers as some users have reported issues with Macs.


To use the Self-Study Template:

  1.  Download the Self-Study, and save the file to your computer before editing (do not work on it online). 
  2.  Follow the instructions on the PDF on how to complete the Self-Study.
  3. Once finished, email your self study with the appropriate Program Services Staff Member. NAACLS will distribute the Self Study, Self Study Review and Self Study Response to the approved Site Visit Team.

Self-Study Template for Self-Studies due Fall of 2024

Self-Study Template for Self Studies due Spring of 2024

Self-Study Template for Self-Studies due Fall of 2023

To download Matricies for Standard 8, click here.

Please only use pdf attachments in the Self-Studies.